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Erickson Family Takes Two Firsts

Back in April,  we took a trip to Istanbul, Turkey.  This was our first time as a family going from Europe into Asia and visiting a Muslim country.  One of the best parts of our trip was visiting Christian’s graduate school friend and his family who are from Istanbul.  They were gracious hosts and gave us a side of Istanbul that most tourists don’t have the opportunity to experience.   We got to see  what it is like to be a local in such a unique culture and in such a beautiful city.  I think Istanbul has some of the best food in the entire world.  Just from our trip we have adopted some of their food as more of a daily staple in our diet.  One of my favorite purchases from Istanbul was a Turkish teapot and teacups.  I really enjoy the Turkish Tea.   Future blog post will be me showing you how Turkish Tea is prepared.   We have experienced very different texture and flavor of feta cheese.  And the olives…  Istanbul is truly unique and a must on anyones’ travel destinations.

Christian has put together our video of our trip.  Here is the link to the video of our trip to Istanbul:



Christian also put together a playlist of “shorter scenes” if you want to watch these clips:



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Tekla Culinary Club

Back in May, we were extended an invitation to attend the Tekla Culinary Club’s meal. They were so kind to do this for us as we had a guest visiting  and our two girls. Tekla has a wonderful cafeteria area with a perfect kitchen. The group had invited a chef from a local restaurant that specializes with Indian Cuisine. When we arrived he was showing the group how to make Naan.





The group was making all sorts of common Indian cuisine. The smells were wonderful. It was fun to have the girls watch how some of the food was made before it was set before them. The group was having a lot of fun.

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Everything was fantastic!  We thank the Tekla Culinary Club for inviting us.

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Featured Family in an online magazine called EuroCircle

This month our family was featured in an online magazine, EuroCircle.

Here is the link:


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