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Ella Showing Off Her NEW GoreTex Shoes

We have now purchased a total of 6 pairs of Gore Tex shoes and boots since arriving to Finland. One thing we have learned you get what you pay for ! Even though the kids grow out of things quickly these items are kind of a staple here. It always feels wet here and that is probably because warm weather is only really here for 1-2 months of the entire year. This year those two months were pretty wet. As the Finns said, “A horrible summer!”. That says a lot because they really do not complain about much.

You also learn that the kids need their school stuff and their home stuff. The kids need rain outfits like what you might see competitive sailers wearing, a sort of soft rubber like rain outfit. It is a jacket, overall pants, gloves and rain boots. This is a must because the children play outside at school and daycare in the rain. US the kids usually get a show for indoor recess. Finns life goes on as normal.

The GoreTex works great for all the walking we do here in Finland even in the inclement weather. Life does not stop. Not sure the Finnish schools ever close for inclement weather.

I wear a Gore Tex sweatsuit or maybe a golf suit on rainy days that I love!! Will be looking for winter Gore Tex pants and a warmer jacket this winter.

In the picture below, Ella is sporting her new Gore Tex 3/4 boot/sneakers by Viking. They are dark purple and pink. Perfect for my girl!



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Finnish Pizza for Dinner

One thing our family loves is PIZZA!  So tonight we decided to make a Finnish Pizza.  Here is what a Finnish Pizza looks like:

Finnish Pizza

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