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Can You Spot the Angry Bird?


Completed these Deviled Eggs at midnight for a party tomorrow.

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First Taste of Angry Birds Soda

The girls thought it was quite good! It tasted tropical. I think it will be quite refreshing when it gets hot.

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Sauna and Snow Diving

Snow diving brrrr…. not something on the top of my list, but for the Erickson Sisters, they took matters in their own hands.  The girls found their swim suits and decided they would do their own version of snow diving  and then jumped into the sauna.

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We set our clocks forward in Europe today. We are back to a 7 hour difference to the east coast of the States. Every day we gain 5 more minutes of sunlight. This is so exciting because kevät tulossa or so we thought? We woke up to messed up clocks and…


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Erickson Tribute to Our Neighbors the Lengyel’s

We could not have asked for better neighbors!  These last six years of watching our families grow through the good and the bad were totally amazing.  Every time I watch this video it brings tears to my eyes.  Thank you my friends for your love and support over the years and thank you so very much for all your help with this transition.

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Beer of the Week or in this case BEERS

I have not seen very many American Beers here in Finland.  I know I saw a Sam Adams, but we will have a nice selection of European Beers.  Here are two beers that I really enjoyed.  One was a dark German beer and the other was a Pale Ale from Yorkshire.  I enjoyed both, but the dark was my favorite.  We also enjoyed a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day.  This was a real Guinness that Christian had brought back from one of his business trips to Ireland.  I have to say, it was outstanding!  As for St. Patrick’s Day not much going on here with that.  Most people didn’t even seem to know the actual date.  We seemed to be the only one’s wearing green to avoid being pinched. 🙂

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Reality of Being a Foreigner in Finland

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One thing about Finland is that you will see all sorts of hats.  You learn that different hats are needed for different weather conditions, but a hat is pretty much on the head at all times.  Every once in awhile you will see the “Die Hard” Finn wearing nothing.  You can pick out the foreigner if they are wearing a baseball cap especially in winter.  You can pick out an American on the ice if they are wearing a bike helmet instead of a hockey helmet.  The girls ice helmets all seem to be pink and the boys seem to have more of a variety.  We intend to purchase some fun hats so we might stand out when we return to the states. 🙂  Some of our family might become recipients of some of these fun hats.

The picture below is in Prisma at Sello in Espoo.  Notice the selection of hats.  The boys are on the other side.  A lot of these hats you see in the picture are for the warmer weather.  The one Natalie is wearing is for colder weather and is either on sale now or completely off the shelf until next season.

Lakki is cap in Finnish.   “lak-ki” (or “luck-kee”)  with a clearly prolonged k to distinguish it from “laki” ‘law’.

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HopLop at Esport

One of our best findings for the girls to play is HopLop at Esport Center.

It is a little expensive, but if you plan on spending some time here, it is worth it!  The cost is  12€ each for child over the age of 3. It is a little less for younger children.   For all my Georgia friends it is a lot like Catch Air, but BIGGER and sooo much cooler!!  They have fun party rooms too.  Just upstairs is Hesburger and a few other food choice places.  I got myself an expensive Coke and tap water for 3.20€  I’m worth it! 😉  I’ve been here for twenty minutes and the girls have visited me once to  tell me how cool the slides were.  Natalie even said, “I lost my tummy on one of them!”  The best thing for me is to see their BIG smiles.  They miss their friends and some of the old hangouts and I can already hear it now, “Mom, can we go to HopLop?”  Natalie also said when she meets some friends she would like to have her birthday here.  Doesn’t look like this year.

We played several hours and then went up to Hesburger for an early dinner.  The girls shared a burger and we got our favorite ice cream treat.  The ice cream treat is only 1€. How can you beat that?

When I asked the girls their favorite thing, their responses were:

Natalie said, “I liked all of it!”

Ella said, “I loved all of it!”

We shall return!

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How to Contact the Erickson Expats

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