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Blazed Salmon or Loimulohi

One of my favorite things about living in Finland is all the salmon. I love salmon and fresh salmon not farm raised salmon. Salmon from the cold Baltic Sea or from the northern rivers in Lapland. If you purchase salmon in the grocery store here it is probably from Norway.

My day brightens up when I walk by our KMarket and I see the Lohikeisari signs hanging up and as you get closer you smells that open fire and then the smell of delicious salmon cooking. It is called blazed salmon here in Finland.

˜Blazed salmon cooked by an open fire (“loimulohi” in Finnish) An old, lovely way to prepare salmon. Blazed salmon is often cooked by a group of people telling stories by the fire. The salmon fillets are seasoned with salt and nailed to wet alder planks with wooden pegs, which are then placed in a vertical position by the open fire. The cooking may take hours, but the result is crispy on the surface and juicy inside. It is so yummy!!!

The people selling it are super nice too. Now I visit their Facebook page to see when they are at my KMarket – lucky for me seems to be every two weeks.



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Ruska in Finland

Tekla organized a family outing to the Nuuskio National Park.  We had fun meeting other Tekla families and enjoyed what the Finns do best – living and loving Nature!  We had fun picking mushrooms, blueberries and lingonberries.  We also enjoyed the smoke sauna.  I think this is now a favorite of mine.  Just wondering how to bring a smoke sauna back to the USA?  You will see in the video one of Christian’s coworkers, Anne.  She was so helpful with educating us on the mushrooms.  The girls loved walking through the forest with her.

Here is the Movie Teaser

Here is the Movie – Ruska in Finland

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Finnish Midsummer Celebration at Seurasaari in Helsinki

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