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I was beginning to wonder if spring was ever going to arrive here in Finland.  We had snow into late April and this last snow the Finns were telling us that was it no more.  Not sure how they knew this, but they seem correct.  We were teased with a few days in a row with temps in the 50s and the signs of spring are now starting to arrive.  We have noticed flowers popping through the ground.  They remind me of the famous March Banks at Winterthur Museum in Delaware.  Lots of small purples and white with hints of a golden yellow here and there.  Now that the snow has melted away you can see the beautiful rocky Finnish landscape.  There are also beautiful mosses growing on the rocks.  We are also hearing the wildlife with birds singing.  I even caught two birds doing there thing right out my bedroom window.  The girls and I saw the most gorgeous pheasant today.  Spring is very different here compared to Georgia.  Spring requires what we would call a winter jacket in Georgia.

I think the girls are going to be a little confused by the seasons.  An example was a homeschooling activity I was doing with them that involved the clothing for spring.   The clothing on the worksheet was quite different with what we have to wear here for spring.

The cross-country  skis and ice skates have vanished and the bikes, skateboards and roller blades have all come out.  The popular bike here is called the Jopo.  We see lots of teens and tweens riding these bikes around town.  I think American kids would think the were strange.  Also the kids are so young and riding two wheel bikes.  You see very small kids with the Strider type bikes.  The Finns continue to be very active.

We now have the sun rising at 5:30am and setting at 9:09pm.  This has been adjustment because the sun kind of sits lower and seems to just stay put for awhile.  We have some strong sun beating in our back windows and we are now using our sunshades.

We are still waiting for the leaves to arrive and the grass to turn green and hopefully the ground will be dry and not muddy.  We know it is coming close as some allergies are starting.  Christian experienced the very puffy and tearing eyes just last week.  We were told it was Estonia’s pollen blowing up to Finland because they are experiencing their burst.  We cannot wait to see the green on the trees.

The other big change with the weather are the outdoor kiosks that are opening up.  Lots of small markets.  We have seen strawberry stands, cakes and pastries, ice cream/gelato, crepes and so much more.  The restaurants have put out their tables and we now have the Europe that everyone pictures in their minds.

Looking forward to the Jazz Fest in Tapiola and heading into Helsinki to the Carl Larsson Exhibit.  SuSu will be on our minds while at the exhibit.  We will do our first family adventure on Sunday as we will board a ship/ferry and head to Estonia.  Stay tuned for that adventure…

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