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Good Bye to the Ice Cream Man

Back on August 18th we heading out to the park when the girls heard the chimes. They began to go a little crazy and the begging began. Mommy, Daddy, It’s the ice cream man. Please!! We finally gave in. He pulled up and climbed out of his truck. Almost everything was sold out, but 2-3 items. He told us this was his last day due to the taxes just going up too much. He told us that the ice cream sandwiches were pretty good. We bought a box for a discounted price. He was a very nice young man and he talked a few minutes with us. We felt very sad that this was it and we would not hear those chimes going through the neighborhood any longer.

A friend, Michelle Carter, sent me an article that was in the WSJ about the end to the Finnish Ice Cream Man. I’ll attach a picture of the article below. Also a picture we took of us buying ice cream on the last day as we watched him drive off into the sunset. 😦

You can read the Wall Street Journal article and watch a video here.


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