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Carl Larsson Exhibit

The Ateneum in Helsinki has had the Carl Larsson Exhibit on display since February.  I became familiar with this artist through Christian’s mom.  It is one of her favorites.  I think is now one of mine too.  We decided to take the girls down to Helsinki to the exhibit.  I made one of my “Erickson Family Scavenger Hunts” for the Carl Larsson Exhibit.  The girls were very excited to go on a scavenger hunt!  The Antenum had over 100 works of by Carl as well as some furniture and interior designs by his wife, Karin.  He had over 1400 paintings of his family.  His daughters reminded me a lot of my two girls.  I think that is what I liked about his paintings.  I felt like I was looking at pictures of my girls.

Just a little info about Carl Larsson.  He was from Sundborn, Sweeden and lived from 1859-1919.  Christian’s mom has visited the home in Sweden and one of the last visits she had a tour from Carl Larsson’s granddaughter.  We hope to visit his home while living over here.  We saw an old movie which showed a lot of his home in Sweden and it was fun to see his paintings with the familiar backdrops.

The girls enjoyed the exhibit.  It was fun to go around and point out things in the paintings and to show them how to appreciate art.  Part of the exhibit was an area that looked like the inside of the Larsson’s home, but it was with his paintings and they were life-size.  You can see in the pictures below.

We look forward to sharing more art with the girls while being expats in Europe!!

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