Light Fluffy Snow

Today we have been having light snow all day. The temperature has been between -0 – 1 C (30 – 33 F). This tends to be warm so the snow can sometimes be a mix or is wet and heavy. I prefer the colder temps and the lighter snow. It is so much easier to shovel! I also enjoy seeing the details with snowflakes. I was surprised to see the light fluffy snow with the warmer temps.

When you look at the snow closely you can see massive amounts of flakes all hugging together. It looked like fluffy cotton or a fluffy cloud caught on a branch. Here is a picture I took with my iPhone.


Below is some information I found on light fluffy snow from ABC’s 13 wham out of Rochester, USA.
Snowfall accumulation can be increased when significantly colder air is present. One of the basic principles of the atmosphere states that, “The atmosphere’s ability to hold moisture is directly related to the air temperature at any given time.” A warm atmosphere can hold tremendous amounts of water vapor while a cold atmosphere has a very limited ability to hold moisture.

Here’s an example: If the air temperature is 30 degrees and the area receives 0.50” of liquid precipitation. This would equate to roughly 5” of snow. That same amount of liquid at 10 degrees would equate to 15” of snow. The fluffy snow at 10 degrees is also much easier to shovel and plow compared to the “slushier” snow around 30 degrees.

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