Jet Lag Recovery

Why is it when traveling eastward it is so difficult to recover from “jet lag”?

We manage fine whenever flying back to the States, but the return to Finland is a struggle for us! They say, “It takes 1 day for every hour of time difference.” This trip we flew from Texas and that is an eight hour time difference which means eight days to recover. The first day we slept until 15:00 (3:00pm) in the afternoon. We improved with bedtime and awakenings. We did oversleep our alarms. One morning we were forty five minutes late with getting Natalie to school. It really did take the eight days to get back to normal.
Poor Christian departed back to the States on the final recovery day. He will be there for a week and will have to recover again. Might be a little easier with the rest of us on schedule to force him back.

We tried the protein breakfast and lunch and carb dinner with cherry juice one hour before bed. Not sure that really helped. As I posted our sleep issues on Facebook friends in the States were suggesting Benadryl. I have to admit half way in the week I gave in and they did sleep beautifully, but that ended up a huge tease because I decided to try again and we were up at 2am ready to start the day again!

Final verdict was we just had to deal with it and the hours time difference to the days to recover seemed accurate for us.

Traveling in the summer is much easier. At least we don’t have to worry about school and it is daylight until 23:00 (11pm) so we can play and be up late.

Must not be that bad since I’ve already booked our next trip to the USA.

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