Seurasaari Island MidSummer 2012

This year we decided to head to Seurasaari Island to attend their bonfire celebrations.  I think anyone that was not at there summer cottage was probably attending this event.  Lots of people came to celebrate. The pictures are from the island and then we stopped and took pictures on our way home looking out at the bonfire on Seurassaari Island.  Those pictures were taken around 10:45pm.  You cannot really have fireworks because it just does not get dark enough.  We hope some of you might come visit around this time of year.  Finland is so green and beautiful!

I also included some educational information about  Midsummer below that I found from Nordic Recipe Archive.

At midsummer, the people in the Nordic countries celebrate the lightest time of the year and the proper start of summer season. The short winter days are far behind and one can enjoy the long days and white nights of Nordic summer.

Although an ancient feast, midsummer is still an important national festival in Finland, as well as in Sweden and Norway.

Midsummer is celebrated on June 24th, but in Finland (in year 1955) and Sweden (in year 1953), the date was moved to fall on the first Saturday after June 19th, on the initiative of labour organizations.

The major midsummer festivities in Finland and Sweden take place on Midsummer Eve, the Friday preceding the Midsummer Day. Like Christmas Eve, the Midsummer Eve is a public holiday, during which only stores are open part of the day.

Midsummer is also the time of summer solstice, the culmination of summer and a turning point after which the days begin to slowly shorten again in the northern hemisphere. The day of summer solstice falls between the 20th and 22nd of June.

During the period called polar days, the nights are short and light, while in the regions north of the arctic circle the sun does not set below the horizon at all for several weeks. In the village of Nuorgam, situated near the northernmost point of Finland, the sun does not set between the mid-May and the end of July.

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