Swedish Cousins – Family Resemblance

Christian’s grandmother, Ella Kylberg Erickson and her sister Lillian Kylberg Magnuson, stayed in touch with cousins in Sweden by writing letters to them in Swedish. Having the letters translated that were sent from Sweden to them allowed Christian’s parents to reconnect with those families. This new connection resulted in a reunion in 1998 near Jönköping, Sweden attended by 65 Kylbergs, the family of Oscar Kylberg.

Oscar Kylberg immigrated from Sweden to Texas in 1898 and is Christian’s paternal great-grandfather. He returned to Sweden and brought back Anna Pettersson in 1905. In 1908, they were married in Austin. The little girl in the picture, Beata, (accent on the first a) is part of Anna Pettersson’s family. Her maternal grandfather and grandmother, Harald and Barbro Ljung and her parents, Kristina and Henrik and little brother, Edvard, live in Stockholm. It was fun to visit them for the day.

I have always thought that Natalie which is named after her great grandmother on my father’s side looks so much like a Chase and Ella who is named after her great grandmother on her daddy’s fathers side looks so much like an Erickson.  I was so stunned how much Beata and Ella looked alike!  Family roots are sooo amazing!  It was also fun to witness the bond between the girls.  We look forward to more visits with all of them.

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