A Quick Visit to Sweden with SuSu

In June, the girls and I headed on the overnight ferry with SuSu to Stockholm.  We were going to spend the day in Stockholm and then get back on the ferry to head back to Helsinki.  We were going to meet some cousins, Harold Ljung and his daughter Kristina and her daughter Beata.  Beata is between the ages of Natalie and Ella.  We went with them to Junibacken.  This was a great place to bring children.  It allowed the the children to feel like they were in the great stories by Astrid Lindgrin.  Most of you are probably familiar with Pippi Longstockings.  The kids ran around on the life-size play structures brought to life from illustrations.  The kids also enjoyed running around Pippi’s house.  The girls sat and listened to two theatrical stories that were completely in Swedish.  Even though they could not understand they still seemed to have a wonderful time.  They were having so much fun meeting their new cousin, Beata.

We had such a beautiful day in Stockholm.  We were able to walk and talk and the girls held hands and giggled and enjoyed their short time together.  While we were in Stockholm, the princess was being baptized.  We believe we heard the cannons going off.  Stockholm felt like a much bigger metropolitan city than Helsinki.  It will be fun to wander around next time we visit.  Also the ferry was a lot of fun and so convenient to do from Helsinki.

Harold completely spoiled us in Stockholm.  We enjoyed ourselves and now cannot wait to go back and see more of Stockholm!

Kittos Harold and Kristina!!

I hope to add a video soon.

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