Jumping Around by the Ferry System

Two weeks ago we decided to try to take a ferry over to Estonia.  For this trip we selected the Silja line.  Basically these ferries look like cruise ships, but can carry cars, buses and trucks.  The ferry to Estonia is only 2 hours.  They have ferries going back and forth all day.  We selected the early morning ferry and then the 19:30 (7:30pm) ferry back to Helsinki.  We rode on the Star and SuperStar.  We spent around 100 euros for the family round trip.  Both ships were pretty nice.  For the early morning ferry we decided to book the buffet breakfast.  The food was only fair.  There are other options for eating then the buffet, but we thought this was the easiest with the time of the departure.

The girls enjoyed exploring on the ship and playing in the play areas.  You can book a room on the ship if you want to sleep.  No need for a 2 hour ferry ride.  We arrived pretty quick!! The phrase “Smooth Sailing” was just that!

One recommendation would be to catch a cab from the port up to Tallinn or grab that double-decker bus tour.  It is a pretty good hike with children if you are planning on walking around all day.  We actually planned on taking a taxi back to the ship at the end of the day, but did not spot one and walked.  It seemed faster on the walk back to the ship even with tired little girls.  The ship back to Helsinki was packed not much seating was available.  There is duty-free shopping on the ships.  I’ve never seen so many cases of beer being taken off a ship.

We look forward to more ferry experiences while being here.

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