Coffee Lovers

I have to say I believe that the Finns and the Swedes really know how to make a cup of coffee.  I love their coffee!  We have also enjoyed some cappuccino.  The Italians might be a little stronger on that front.

We made the mistake of letting the girls try a sip of our cappuccino and now they think they are coffee drinkers.  Well… why not since Finland is #1 in coffee consumption per capita in the world.  Yes they hit  the #1 spot only before Norway, Iceland, Denmark, The Netherlands and Sweden.  Kind of crazy!  I believe the US was like #25.  Finland is getting its first Starbucks this year and that is at the airport.  Not sure if the Finns will want to spend the € like they charge in the US.  They really know how to make their own coffee.

Another really cool thing are their coffee makers.  I love them!  The girls loved the ones we spotted at Stockmanns called the Moccamaster. You can see below why they liked it so much.

The other great thing is that coffee is not just a morning thing it is very popular here to have afternoon coffee.  The Finns have wonderful invitations for coffee.  We will blog about this later because they do such a nice job with this and it’s not just coffee!

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