I Love Fresh Herbs

One of my favorite things to pick up at the market are herbs.  I love fresh basil!  Back in the states when we purchase herbs, they are in a package already cut from the plant.  When you purchase your herbs here, you get a little plant.

Some of the stores sell  little white pots for your herbs to place on your counter.  IKEA has the little pots that can hang from your backsplash in the kitchen.  Love this idea.

Another kitchen counter herb pot idea that I like is one I saw at Stockmann’s by Jamie Oliver.

You might see one of these in our home if you come to visit or may be a little something we might bring with us to add into our kitchen in the states.  May be  a little Biz4Kids spring and summer idea when the girls are a little older  would be to sell the little herb plants and pots at the farmer’s market.

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2 thoughts on “I Love Fresh Herbs

  1. Amy, do you know that you can take older snips from your Basil, and put them in a little jar of water on your kitchen window sill, and in no time they will begin rooting. I have my Basil already rooting, and will put it in pots or the ground soon.

    I love your happenings–keep up the good work~! Love, Granny Virginia

    • Thanks Granny Virginia. Nice reminder! We might have to do this. With the longer days starting they will certainly get plenty of light. Also, we try to incorporate “learning experiences” with everything we do for the girls so this could be a fun one. Will keep you posted! Love The Erickson Expats 🙂

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