Still a American College Football Fan

I am still the ultimate “American” College Football Fan!  I hope we can figure out how not to miss next season.  Companies like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and the internet are making it possible for us not to miss much.  Sometimes we might be off a day or a week, but we can usually see a rerun of a show or event.  We are learning to be Ice Hockey fans here in Finland and have been following our Espoo Blues.  The girls even went to their first ice hockey game.

My friends that know me, know that I love the LONGHORNS and am not a big fan of OU or Texas A&M and I enjoyed following the SEC teams since we lived in that territory.  We plan on finishing our stadium tour of the SEC when we are back in the States.  We were down to 3 stadiums.

I follow the Ellen Show on YouTube and saw this great story about a young woman at LSU.  She is trying to make their football team as a kicker.  She has been through a lot and what an inspiration to young girls and women.  I also think it speaks well for the LSU Football program.   We hope she makes it!  We will be sure to follow LSU a little more closely if they add her to the team.  I had to share this on our blog because I really thought this was a great story.  This was a great clip from the Ellen Show.


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