One thing about Finland is that you will see all sorts of hats.  You learn that different hats are needed for different weather conditions, but a hat is pretty much on the head at all times.  Every once in awhile you will see the “Die Hard” Finn wearing nothing.  You can pick out the foreigner if they are wearing a baseball cap especially in winter.  You can pick out an American on the ice if they are wearing a bike helmet instead of a hockey helmet.  The girls ice helmets all seem to be pink and the boys seem to have more of a variety.  We intend to purchase some fun hats so we might stand out when we return to the states. 🙂  Some of our family might become recipients of some of these fun hats.

The picture below is in Prisma at Sello in Espoo.  Notice the selection of hats.  The boys are on the other side.  A lot of these hats you see in the picture are for the warmer weather.  The one Natalie is wearing is for colder weather and is either on sale now or completely off the shelf until next season.

Lakki is cap in Finnish.   “lak-ki” (or “luck-kee”)  with a clearly prolonged k to distinguish it from “laki” ‘law’.

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