IKEA Finland


Our first trip to IKEA….and I’m sure there will be more.  Since we are without car in Finland, we woke early and headed to the bus stop.  We rode the 18 towards IKEA eventually transferring to another bus within sight of the big blue and yellow store. All in all the journey took about 45 minutes.  IKEA is located in North Espoo.

Even in the states we are big IKEA fans.  We certainly know IKEA Atlanta quite well even participating in the Swedish activities like crawfish days and Julbord Buffet, which is a special type of smorgasbord.  This is the Erickson in us!  We hope to continue with this in Finland.

IKEA has the best deal for dining and even more so in Finland.  You get a decent hot meal that the kids enjoy for a good price.  Get a IKEA Family Card  and you can save on more.  How about a coffee and cinnamon roll for 50 cents?  Or smoked salmon for 1.50€?  6.50€ got us 15 or 20 Swedish meatballs, mash potatoes with lingonberries.  This is our family favorite!!

The other awesome deal is the FREE kids Småland area – although not called this in Finland.  You get 1 hour shopping/dining time while your kids play.  Yes, here in Finland you get 1 hour while in Atlanta you get only 45 minutes.  45 minutes always seemed to fly by, but 1 hour was really nice.  Or may be that is because for the last 5-6 weeks I’ve been 24/7 with my kids.  Nevertheless,  it is nice to breeze through kid free.  One thing I noticed was that the Finnish kids were glued to the movie in the little theater.  I think this is because they don’t watch so much tv in their homes at least not like American kids.  It was fun to hear the girls tell us the differences with the Espoo and Atlanta play area.  In Atlanta you can throw the balls in the ball pit and not so in Espoo.  In Espoo you can jump in the ball pit and in Atlanta you are not allowed to jump in.  This was a big deal to a 5 and 4 year old 😉

One of our favorite Finnish items we found here are the drying racks in the cabinets above the sink.  No dishes in the sink for the extra dry time.  Most sinks in Finland seem to be one sink compared to the double sinks in the States.  Also the dishwashers seem to be a little smaller so this cabinet comes in handy.  Might be something I’d like in my next house in the States.  I have a picture below. My husband wants to do a video of it of course.

We were able to “spy” in a window of the girls having a good time together.

When our hour ended we picked them up.  We were joined by the Binches and we had lunch together.  The kids played in the play area in the dining area.  After lunch we walked through the marketplace with the girls and then headed for a dessert treat.

LOVE the ice cream in the market; only 50 cents.  It is only vanilla, but it is so creamy.  Yummy Yummy

After a couple hours it was time to head out. Naturally, we took free IKEA Bus. Our destination: Sello, a big mall next to a transportation hub for trains and more busses.  And that’s another blog….

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One thought on “IKEA Finland

  1. Let me thank you for letting me enjoy your wonderful stories as I drink my morinng coffee! It is so much fun for me to see your happiness—and my heart goes along with you all! Love, Granny Virginia Munroe

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