Ice Skates for the Family

Sello – PRISMA stop for Ice Skates

After going to IKEA  we headed on the IKEA bus to Sello.  We wanted to hit PRISMA, basically a mix between a SuperWalmart and a SuperTarget.  The girls have been begging to go ice skating and after doing research most places if not almost all do not rent skates – only the tourist places.  Most Finns own skates. Kids can bring their skates to school and can skate at recess.  Most schools have a ‘rink.’  We decided this would be worth spending a few euros.  We have several outdoor skating places near us and we have the Barona Arena walking distance from our house.  We can see it from our new house.  On Monday evenings they have open skate time.  We will try indoor skating first and see  how it goes.

Natalie picked out traditional looking skates – pink and white naturally.  Ella picked out Fila skates which are pink, purple, white and gray.  Her skates are pretty cool.  They look more like a downhill ski boot and they expand (size 28-32).  She will be able to wear them for a while.  Christian picked out ice hockey looking skates and I have the traditional white ice skate.

I hope to get the girls into skating school next season.  We got here after the spring season and they fill up rather fast.  They will have to learn from mom and dad.  When I was a kid we skated at North Star Pond and that was a lot of fun.  We also had the University of Delaware Skating Rink.  I also skated when we would go to the Poconoes.  Christian not so sure how much skating he did growing up.  He said it must have been a few times because he remember North Point Mall skating rink.

Later that night he had the girls practicing inside with pillows. I’m thinking skating was not a winter activity so much in Texas.  He might be the one to watch on the ice.  The girls’ center of gravity is much lower than ours.

The girls have been putting their skates on everyday and cannot wait to go skating.  We have showed them some YouTube clips on beginner skating and some young skaters performing.  Natalie keeps putting on her bathing suit to practice.

We hope to head to Barona next Monday for Open Skate.  Stayed tuned for that video.

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