WinterWonderland Walk to Tapiola

One of Espoo/Helsinki’s best attributes is the wonderful people only walking/biking trails.  They are all over the place.  Most the paths even have lights.  Don’t think the snow stops the bike riders; they are out and they even have the awesome  studded tires like all the cars and buses so there is no sliding around.  You will also see skiers, mega-wheeled strollers and sleds.  These pictures were taken in our homestretch on the way from Tapiola to our house.  This is my favorite section of the walk.  The tree lined path and the snow on the branches make it absolutely picture perfect.  Tapiola Center is a short walk (1.6 km/1 mile) The center offers Stockmann, H&M, Subway, Picnic, Tapiolan Otso Apteekki, bookstore and more.

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One thought on “WinterWonderland Walk to Tapiola

  1. Nice photos and lovely text.

    I hope that You have great time in Finland.

    Happy Sunday evening!

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