Favorite Sign – ALE REA

It is taking a little adjustment with cost of things.  We knew before getting here that it would be a pretty big difference from Atlanta.  My problem is that I continue to try and convert € to the $USD.  I will say we are quite spoiled in the US with our Targets, Walmarts, CVS, Walgreens, Sears, JC Pennys, Macys, Dillards, Belks, Nordstroms, and the many others.  We tried to purchase as much as we could before heading over here.  All of that stuff should arrive in a week or two. There are a few items we have picked up and the ALE sign is what my eyes zoom in on.  ALE = SALE in Finnish and REA=SALES in Swedish.  We will be restocking our wardrobes when we have our return trips to the States.  That will probably be a big part of our visits back home.  There are many items that we loved in the States  that you just cannot easily find here.  I’m finding that the difference in products is fun and I try not to compare.  For example, frozen pizza from Costco and here are quite different.  Will be interesting what I think a year from now!  All my organic friends would not be as happy here as only 8% of Finnish produce is organic.  It’s easy to find but is about 3x the cost of the non-organic. I will say we see lots of beautiful fruit from all over this side of the world.  We have had oranges from Egypt and Spain.  We had a delicious and HUGE Honey Crunch apple.  It reminded me  of apples I had years ago on a trip to New Zealand. They were the juiciest  apples ever!  These were a close second.  I am glad that I have to walk a mile if I feel the need to shop which will probably prevent me from spending too much.  A mile is not far, but with two little girls it is a bit much. We’ll get used to it!

Enjoy your shopping in the US!

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