CDG Airport is a Pain in the…

Once we finished our never-ending  walk through the CDG airport to the medical center with the two girls extremely thirsty I was relieved. We checked in to the medical center.  We sat in the waiting room for a few minutes and both girls immediately spotted the water jug.  We gave them each a cup and told them to sip it.  We were then greeted by the doctor.  He took us to his office.  I became a bit nervous because that French reputation seemed to pop out with their outgoing friendliness.  We explained the symptoms and showed him the medicine I gave them on the plane.  He thought the medicine was interesting because  he said in France that medicine is used for chemo patients that have sickness.  We have used it before after leaving Disney with a sick child and it worked for that ride home.  Anyway, he said they use something else.  He checked over Natalie and took her temperature.  Christian decided to take a quick trip to the rest room and then Ella vomited all over the doctors floor.  Lovely!  I just kept thinking this doctor must love us Americans.  Well after determining their weight in kgs.  He decided on some medicine.  He felt like Natalie was probably improving.  He came back with some rectal medicine for both girls.  I was thinking great!  They are not going to like this and then he hands it to me, yes me and says I’ll give you some privacy.  I’m thinking inside he is probably having us payback for vomiting all over his office.  I started with Ella.  Overall did not go as bad as I thought.  Now the drama began and it was Natalie’s turn.  Natalie is a little more guarded due to all the procedures she has had in the past.  She is also very strong.  This was not as easy as Ella, but not too bad.  The doctor came back in and then sent Christian to the “chemist” for some additional medicine.  This medicine included evan water and sugar and Adiaril and then coke with extra sugar to knock out the fizz to make it more like syrup.  He also prescribed Motilium for the nausea if needed.  He also said it was quiet in the center and we could rest in a room for a couple of hours.  When Christian got back we were resting in a room both girls tried the water mixture.  Both really wanted just water, but their systems needed the sugar.  Both girls fell asleep.  I felt like I was in a movie.  We were sitting in this foreign hospital room and all you were hearing was doctors talking in french and I had no idea what they were saying.  Several times people checked in on us.  After resting awhile we cracked open the coke and added some sugar and rotated drinks.  It seemed as if the worst of it was behind us.  We just had tired and still very thirsty girls.  We checked out and it cost us 200€ . We did not think that was too bad if we could get to our final destination without anymore vomit.

We started our hike and we had to make multiple stops for drink breaks.  We finally arrived to the proper area to find we could not check in to our flight for another 30 minutes or so.  We found a spot and both girls laid down for a little rest.  We finally checked into our flight and through security we went.  We had absolutely no issues with carrying our Evan water and cokes through security.  We had the doctors prescription in hand just in case.   We found the gate and again rested with a few sips of drink.

Finally, we boarded the plane for Helsinki.  Both girls were still tired, but the vomiting seemed to be a distant past.  We were happy to hear the flight was not full.  Both girls fell back to sleep.  I kept thinking I wish I could of had a french pastry of some sort, but we will return to Paris and I will truly enjoy the experience.  We should arrive in Helsinki in 4 hours.  This flight seemed to zoom by.  We made it and both girls were in much better spirits.

The next challenge would be gathering all our bags and fitting in a taxi.  Here we go!

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