AirFrance Flight from Hell to HEL… well Paris First

We boarded our flight to Paris full of excitement.  The girls were looking very forward to eating their dinner on the flight and watching  a movie with their new Sony Headphones.  We got settled in our four middle seats.  And before we knew it we were up, up and away.  Natalie had been mentioning that her tummy had be aching for a little while, but we assumed it was because she was hungry since both girls did not eat much of their lunches.  Both girls decided they wanted to watch Mr. Poppins Penguins.  We started watching that.  We decided to hit the bathrooms before the dinners were delivered.  That is when Ella mentioned for the first time of her tummy hurting.  I told her dinner would be here soon.  We sat ourselves back down and started with our movies again.  The flight attendant brought great kid meals.  Both girls began to eat.  Everything was going great!  Christian and I even managed to reach over to each other and gave a little kiss.  The adventure was officially on and we were not going back.  Both girls seemed to slow down.  Christian had just started our second airplane bottle of red wine with our dinner.  I recall having my pasta and something else  and then out of the blue, Ella started vomiting.  I grabbed the first thing I could to try and catch what I could, which was the airplane blanket.  She managed to get it all over her outfit, new headphones and me.  Christian quickly got up and grabbed the airplane barf bags.  I asked him to get some towels and a plastic bag and before he got back, Natalie started vomiting in the barf bag at least.  I tried to give both girls the “Disney Barf Pill”, but it did not work at all.  Ella and I quickly got to the restroom and changed her clothes.  I had a nightgown and pants in a bag.  The rest of the night on the plane was a awful with both girls vomiting which then led to dry heaving.  I lost count of the number of barf bags.  I just wanted this now nightmare to end.  I could not wait to get off the plane.  All I could smell was vomit.

One of the saddest parts of this happening was that we had planned on taking the girls to see the Eifel Tower during our 7.5 hour layover in Paris.  I bought silver charm bracelets that we were going to give the girls after visiting the Eifel Tower and I had pre-purchased Eifel Tower charms.  Our friend, Karin was going to meet up with us and visit the Eifel Tower and take us to have a bite to eat.  We knew this was not going to happen.  Christian told he knew there was a medical center there in the airport and we would head there.

We were the last ones off the plane and of course we had to climb down steps with two very weak girls and 7 carry-on bags to the runway where we would get on a bus to take us to the terminal.  I remember begging to a more powerful being to please let us get to the terminal without any vomit since we were packed in like sardines.    Thankfully, we made it to the terminal with no vomit, but extremely thirsty girls.  We promised water soon.  Our next challenge would be going through customs.  More prayers from me.  Thankfully once again we made it through and now were off to find the medical center.  The customs agent made it sound so easy.  Not sure if you have been in the CDG Airport in Paris, but it is HUGE and CONFUSING!  So glad Christian seemed confident and in control of where we were going.  Maybe it was me not having but maybe 30 minutes of sleep if that.  Both girls were being troopers, but kept complaining of needing water.  We finally made it to the medical center.

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