Hello world!

As of January 18th, 2012 we became official Expats!  We departed Atlanta, Georgia and headed for Helsinki, Finland.  All of us were very excited!   This would be the girls first long flight and our first time as a family to go overseas.

On the 17th the movers came to pack our items that will be shipped over in a container on a boat.  That process can take 4-7 weeks.  Let’s hope for 4 weeks.

The 17th was an exhausting day as it took the entire day and evening for the 2, yes only 2 movers, to pack us up.  The girls headed over to the Barkers to play to get out of the way!  THANK YOU BARKERS!  As the day went on, I picked up the girls and the first issue began.  Natalie started to complain about her ankle.  Tears are more like it.  As I took off her sock it was apparent her foot was swollen and it was painful to touch.  My communication with EVERYONE was NIL because a few days earlier I had surrendered my iPhone 😦 to my husband’s company.  Saving some dollars now did not make sense to me. Using my friend’s phone Christian and I decided to take her to Urgent Care. Our plans for a relaxing time in an Alpharetta hotel and the girls’ request to go to Chuck E Cheese’s for their last supper in the USA  were about to be turned upside down.

While we were busy with this, the movers, which had been there at 8:45am still  had not even started packing the container/truck.

Still, we headed to the Urgent Care.  Natalie ended up being “stuck” as the doctor put it for blood and then had an X-ray.  Thankfully the X-ray was normal, but the blood work showed an elevation in her white blood cell count.  The concern then became an infection.  The doctor started thinking we might need to go to the Children’s Hospital for a bone scan.  Really?!? You can only imagine what was racing through our minds as we were thinking – ah…we are getting on a plane tomorrow to move overseas.  I started to become Dr. Mom.  I told the doctor about two spots I recalled seeing on her legs.  They were still slightly there.  If you felt her foot you could feel heat too.  We then decided may be this could be hives and some sort of allergy.  He decided to give her Hydroxyzine (stronger Benadryl) and shot of adrenaline. Yep, another shot!  If it worked we would avoid the Children’s Hospital.

Christian and Ella left to meet the movers that had finally finished and needed papers signed off.  Natalie and I waited to see what  would happen with the medicine.  Her little heart was racing!!!  Well…luckily it seemed to work.  So it looks as if she was having an allergic reaction.  We would be making one more run to the CVS Pharmacy “after hours.” It is now 9:00pm and none of us have had any dinner.  Christian decided to we would go directly to the hotel.  The Hyatt Place on NorthPoint Parkway.  An awesome front desk lady got the girls a hot cookie and milk.  We went upstairs and decided to go back down to the lobby and have some pizza – the time is now 10pm.  Not at all what we pictured for our last evening in Alpharetta.  Christian still had a FedEx (Sorry Eric!) to send out and medicine to pick up and boxes to break down and a Coinstar run and…  I think the girls finally got to bed at around 11pm and Christian got back to the hotel around mid-night.

The next morning we spent the entire last moments organizing and making sure the house was empty.  We were departing at 2:00pm for the airport.  THANK YOU LENGYELS for helping us with this first leg of our very long trip.  We were very excited and enjoyed spending the last minutes in Georgia with the best neighbor anyone could possibly  have.  I mean that sincerely!!  I wish I could pack them and bring them to Finland with us!!  We will miss them dearly!!  Megan sent us off with tears streaming down her face.  I told her stop because I did not want the faucet to begin.  I was able to stay strong because I was just so excited and so glad this day was finally here!

We checked in and scrambled to adjust some bags with weight adjustments.  We managed to fix them so that no additional charges were required thanks to Christian’s Platinum status with Delta Airlines.  6 bags checked and another 7 carry-ons were on our way.  We got to the gate where Christian headed off with the girls and got them a treat and we waited and made some last minute phone calls to our parents.

And finally the moment arrived and we boarded AirFrance headed for Paris/Helsinki.

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